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Vincien is in the courtyard reading. Who was that weird guy yesterday? well, whatever. Vincien managed to catch the professor and turn in his paper. He was a little late for his photo shoot, but thankfully no one seemed to care. But that boy from yesterday...... Why were his thoughts going back to that guy. Sure he was attractive, but he wasn't really the type of guy Vincien went after most of the time. He went for guys that were afraid to treat him the way he liked. This guy looked like he would be afraid Vincien would break. He needed some one strong.

He shakes his head. Why was he even thinking about this? It wasn't like they were getting together. Now or ever. So why think about it? Because he thinks about sex way too often.
He smirks to himself. Sex is cool. He likes sex. A lot.
He said he would post..... Though I really shouldn't be surprised. He's very good at breaking promises.

I still wish that he'll come sweeping into my room on my birthday and do everything we had planned to do. It hurts all the time and makes me want to cry. Which is why I think it's easier to be angry....
So some of you may know that I am sick. What you guys may not know is that the theory is that I'm sick with chicken pox. CHICKEN POX!!!

Who gets chicken pox for the second time at 16!? No wait, I have to remember I'm 17 now. Weird.... But still!

The weirdest part? I'm not itchy. I just thought I had the flu with a weird fever rash.

And because there seems to be a lot of this going on: *headdesk*
So.... *frown*

Sometimes parents can be so...... there isn't even a word for it.

HOW DO YOU MESS THIS UP!!! It's just..... ugh! *headdesk*
Have you ever wanted something so badly it hurt?

So in a situation like this. I gotta ask: WWJD?

I will go find out.

Why does life have to be so complicated? I mean, if you like someone, shouldn't you just go for it? Not care about being politically correct or worry about what's socially acceptable? I mean, you can't help you like. And if two people are of sound mind and consenting, what's the big deal?

It's not fair......


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So Dad thought it would be a good idea for me to come here to New Haven and go to school. I'm still not sure if I agree with him. And they told me to make this online journal thing that can only be read in the school's interweb or whatever. So..... What am I supposed to write in here and how often am I supposed to write in here?
And how do I find out who my roommate is or if I even have one?
This is all a little overwhelming....



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